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Tailored Excellence: Forged Alloy’s Custom Solutions for Ute Tray and Canopy Fit-Out

Oct 26, 2023

Have you been looking for ready-made trays and canopies for your UTE but are frustrated at how nothing seems to meet your specific needs? What if we tell you we can help you make your dream tray and canopy come to life? At Forged Alloy, we offer custom tray and canopy fit-out solutions carefully tailored to your requirements.

Need for Custom Tray and Canopy Solutions

The need for custom tray and canopy solutions arises from the constraints of the one-size-fits-all options in the market. Here’s more on why custom solutions for UTE fit-outs are so necessary for you and your business:

Ready-made tray and canopy solutions are built for every use case; that’s why they might lack the needed durability and strength for any special needs you may have.
Standard trays might not utilise all the space that is available on your UTE, and some compartments may not be of use to you at all.
People of different occupations need different types of cargo stored on their UTE’s. So, an off-the-shelf tray and canopy might not be optimally designed to accommodate that equipment.

Benefits of Forged Alloy’s Tray and Canopy Solutions

Protection of Equipment

If you carry delicate equipment on your UTE that requires extra protection, we can custom-design compartments on the tray for each piece of equipment. Having better-fitting compartments can reduce in-transit damage, and we can also add some padding for better shock absorption.

Enhanced Practicality

With custom solutions for trays, you can make sure to utilise all of the space on your UTE. Apart from that, you can discuss an optimal layout of the tray with us and design specialised compartments to make the fit-out more practical.

Removable Options

If you’re someone who uses their UTE for personal as well as business use, we can help you design a removable canopy and tray fit-out. We can even just add some removable compartments. That way, you’ll be able to change up the layout of compartments according to your cargo size and other storage needs.


With custom canopy and tray solutions, you can personalise the aesthetics according to your brand. This will not only make your UTE stand out but also help build a positive brand image.

Our Process

The process for our custom tray and canopy solutions is pretty straightforward. Just give us a sketched layout of the tray and canopy fit-out you’re looking for, and we’ll take it from there. If you have trouble with sketching or need ideas for customising the tray according to your needs, our experts will help you out.

After the sketch is finalised, we’ll design and provide you with a full set of CAD drawings of the fit-out for you to approve. Only then will we send the design for manufacturing. If you prefer building all the compartments yourself, we can even provide you with just a tray base.

Contact Us for Custom Solutions for Tray and Canopy Fit Out Today!

So what are you waiting for? Stop looking through ready-made options and take the whole design process of your tray and canopy fit-out in your own hands. Get in touch with us at Trade Station.

We can discuss your requirements, guide you through the process, and give you a free quote. We’ll also be happy to answer any queries that you might have.

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