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Blank Canvas: Choosing the Best Ute for Customisation and Personalisation

Nov 5, 2023

Ute acclaim arises from their exceptional versatility and robust design, offering a multitude of advantages, such as generous cargo space, formidable towing capacity, and off-road prowess. Yet, what truly distinguishes a Ute is their inherent potential for customisation and personalisation. With just a few adjustments or enhancements, a simple Ute can be transformed into an extraordinary vehicle that perfectly caters to your work-related and leisure needs. However, choosing the best Ute for customisation and personalisation requires knowledge of a few factors.

Continue reading to know about those factors you must consider to choose the best Ute for customisation and personalisation!

How to Choose the Best Ute for Customisation

Here are a few key points to consider to get your hands on the best Ute for personalisation:

Brand and Model Choice

Selecting the right brand and model of a Ute is the first critical decision when aiming for customisation and personalisation. Different brands offer various levels of flexibility when it comes to modifying their vehicles.

Some brands have a rich aftermarket support system with a wide range of accessories and modification options readily available. Therefore, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and analyse a brand’s reputation, the Ute models it offers, and the aftermarket support before making a final decision.

In case you need options, Toyota and Ford are popular choices in New Zealand, known for their diverse Ute models and extensive customisation possibilities.

Engine Variants

Embarking on the journey to create a truly customised and personalised Ute also involves selecting the right engine variant. The engine serves as the heart of your vehicle, dictating its performance and capabilities.

In the New Zealand market, you’ll typically encounter a range of engine options, each tailored to different needs. Diesel engines are well-regarded for their torque and efficiency, making them a popular choice for tasks involving heavy towing and long-distance travel.

Contrarily, petrol engines offer higher horsepower and acceleration, making them appealing to those seeking adventure and off-road adventures. You can even go on to upgrade and fine-tune your existing engine as per your needs to increase its efficiency and power.

Drivetrain Options

The drivetrain is a fundamental component of your Ute that determines how power is distributed to the wheels. It’s a vital aspect to consider in customisation. New Zealand Utes commonly offer a selection of drivetrain options, including 2WD and 4WD.

In 2WD, power is sent to either the rear wheels or the front wheels, suitable for simple tasks. 4WD Utes can send power to all four wheels simultaneously, improving traction in off-road conditions and ensuring the vehicle can handle rough and demanding work conditions.

Some Utes even offer selectable drivetrain modes, allowing you to switch between 2WD and 4WD as needed, providing an extra layer of customisation. Your drivetrain choice should harmonise with your intended use, whether it involves daily commuting, off-road exploration, or work-related duties.

Interior Space and Layout

For choosing the best Ute for customisation, the interior space and layout become pivotal in enhancing the comfort, convenience, and functionality of your vehicle. Consider the number of passengers you need to accommodate and how you intend to use the Ute.

Double cab Utes offer a spacious rear cabin with additional seating, making them suitable for family use or for those who frequently have passengers. Single cab or extra cab Utes provide more cargo space but limit the number of passengers that can be comfortably seated.

You can further personalise the interior with various accessories such as UTE bed slides and UTE toolboxes, entertainment systems, and storage solutions to match your specific needs.

Suspension and Chassis

Utes typically offer a range of suspension options, and this is where personalisation truly shines. You can choose from standard, heavy-duty, or off-road-tuned suspensions.

Your decision will significantly influence your Ute’s ride comfort, payload capacity, and off-road capabilities. Heavy-duty suspensions are suitable for those who plan to carry substantial loads, while off-road-tuned suspensions are essential for tackling rough terrains.

Furthermore, some Utes allow for chassis modifications, including lift kits or reinforced chassis, for enhanced ground clearance and durability. By customising the suspension and chassis, you’re fine-tuning your UTE to thrive in the environments you plan to explore or work in.


Finding the best Ute for customisation and personalisation requires consideration of factors like suspension and chassis, layout, engine, drivetrain options and more. In case you are searching to customise your Ute, TradeStation is here to help. Our Ute trays and canopies make life easier for people all over New Zealand as they are high-quality and aimed to cater to your changing needs. Contact us today to take your Ute customisation and personalisation experience to the next level!

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